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CABINET MEDICAL SHM-2S (stainless steel)
CABINET MEDICAL SHM-2S (stainless steel)
Product Code: SHM-2S (stainless steel) Zavet

CABINET MEDICAL SHM-2S (stainless steel)

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Double-wing medical cabinet with safe SHM-2S (stainless steel) is designed to place tools, materials and medicines in dressing rooms, operating rooms and other medical facilities.

The double-leaf cabinet frame is made of stainless metal profile. The lower part is all-metal and is locked with a key. Inside the safe there is a stainless steel shelf, the maximum allowable load is 30 kg. At the top of the cabinet, the rear and side walls are made of stainless steel, the front door is glass. At the request of the customer, the cabinet can be all-metal. The upper part of the cabinet has two stainless steel shelves. The edges on the doors and the leading edges on the shelves are finished to avoid cuts. The upper door is fixed by a magnet. The cabinet design does not have protruding and sharp parts, which ensures the prevention of injuries during operation. The cabinet, according to the design, is collapsible; it is delivered to the client in a disassembled state.

Overall dimensions of SHM-2S (stainless steel) (depth * width * height): 400 * 955 * 1610 mm.