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Tripod for prolonged infusions SHDV-E5 (stainless steel)
Tripod for prolonged infusions SHDV-E5 (stainless steel)
Product Code: SHDV-E5 (stainless steel) Zavet

Tripod for prolonged infusions SHDV-E5 (stainless steel)

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Tripod SHDV-E5  is designed for installation and fastening of containers for transfusion of drugs and disposable systems. It has a telescopically lifting basket, consisting of two hooks for intravenous infusion systems and two independent suspensions for bottles with infusion solution. The tripod is mounted on five wheels (diameter 40 mm) which makes it easy to move and improves its durability.

The material of the tripod is stainless steel.

Overall dimensions of SHDV-E5 : height - 1200-2000mm.

The diameter of the base is 630 mm.