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Medical instruments, along as apparatus, devices, equipment are one of the varieties of medical equipment. They are necessary for doctors to carry out various manipulations with organs, tissues, materials and other instruments.

The use of medical instruments

СкальпельMedical instruments are used for medical and diagnostic purposes. Some types of diagnostic instruments are used by doctors of a therapeutic profile. So, the therapist, pediatrician, ENT, when examining the oral cavity, pharynx, use spatulas for the tongue. Many specialists use a head reflector, ENT uses ear funnels, an ophthalmologist uses an eyelid lifter, a gynecologist uses vaginal mirrors, and a urologist uses bougie. As a rule, diagnostic tools facilitate visual inspection of organs, improve visibility, and examine hard-to-reach areas. But there are tools with a different principle of action. So, in neurology, a hammer is used to study tendon reflexes, an otolaryngologist uses a tuning fork to evaluate hearing. To measure the external dimensions of the pelvis, most often in gynecology, a pelvic meter is used. Urological catheters are sometimes used to collect urine for analysis.

Also, medical instruments can be used for therapeutic purposes, for example, the syringe is intended for injection of drugs. Orthodontic dentists use special spoons to take jaw impressions, and dental therapists use trowels to form fillings.

But the most extensive is the category of surgical instruments intended for anatomical studies and surgical interventions. They can be used for:

  • facilitating access to the organs on which the operation is performed;
  • studies of cavities, organs through which air, food moves;
  • tissue separation, removal of organs of the rear or affected areas, sampling of tissue for biopsy;
  • the introduction of anesthesia;
  • constriction of blood vessels, prevent bleeding;
  • tissue connection after surgery;
  • storage of active tools and materials or manipulations with them.

Varieties of medical instruments

Зеркало носовоеThere are over 12 thousand types of medical instruments, and most of them are surgical. The list of tools that are used exclusively for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes, not during surgical interventions, is much more modest, therefore they are usually not allocated to special groups.

Surgical instruments are classified according to many criteria:

  • by the method of actuation - manual and mechanized;
  • in scope - general surgical (used by surgeons of any specialization) and special (dental, ophthalmological, obstetric and gynecological, otolaryngological, traumatological and others);
  • by frequency of use - single and multiple use;
  • by design - solid forged, locking (halves are connected by a folding or blind lock), cremallery (the working part can be fixed in the desired position);
  • by shape - lamellar (spatulas, spatulas), tubular (funnels, catheters, tracheotomy tubes, bougie), wire (probes, uterine canal dilators);
  • for the main functional purpose - cutting, stitching, pushing, clamping, probing, bougie.

If the instruments separated by tissues, they are used for resection, they are classified as active, and syringes belong to the same category. If manipulations with tissues are not accompanied by irreversible damage, the instruments are passive. There is also a group of surgical instruments that do not directly contact organs and tissues, but are used to manipulate other instruments, dressings, they are called auxiliary.

The main functional properties of surgical instruments are divided into products:

  • with sharp sharpening - cutting (scalpels, knives), stitch-cutting (scissors), stitching (trocars), bone (chisels, nippers, saws, drills and mills for stitches);
  • with springy properties - hemostatic and intestinal clamps, forceps, needle holders, forceps, tweezers.

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