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Gynecological instruments

The work of the most advanced gynecological office in any medical institution cannot be imagined without specialized tools. Only with the use of gynecologist's instruments, which are clean and of high quality, can it be guaranteed that the risk of infection of the patients will be completely absent. It is for this reason that it is worth approaching the choice of gynecological instruments very carefully. It is worth paying attention to all the features of its appearance and application before the appropriate acquisition, because the gynecologist's tools are very important in this profession.

Buy gynecological instruments: mirror, spoon and other types

The most common types of gynecological instruments are a gynecological mirror, a folkman's spoon, a curette, air spatula, uterine forceps and umbilical cord scissors. Before you buy each of these tools and create your own set of gynecological tools, it is worth paying attention to some features of its structure, use and quality of the work. Only after a thorough study of all these factors can you finally make a choice and buy the appropriate tool, whether it be a spoon, spatula or mirror.

Gynecological mirror is a universal tool. You can buy a gynecological mirror for routine examinations, various medical procedures, sometimes it is also used when performing some surgical interventions. It is worth paying attention to the surface of the mirror. It should be smooth, no roughness or burrs on this surface is allowed. Many people ask: how much does a gynecological mirror cost? The price of this tool may be different, in our store it is not at all great.

The price of a spoon of folkman or air spatula in Kiev

Another important gynecological instrument, Eyre's spatula, has a complex shape and is intended for ectocervical samples. Using Eyre's spatula, you can simultaneously obtain material that is on the surface of the uterus, in the lower part of the cervical canal and in its pharynx. The use of a spatula for such a complex procedure defines some of the special requirements for it. It should be made of high-quality stainless steel, should have a perfect shape and be free from deformation or roughness. No less important is the spoon of folkman, which is designed to take a smear from the mucous membrane of the cervix, urethra or vagina. The price of a folkman spoon and stainless steel air spatula is also an important factor in making a choice. The price should be moderate and correlate well with the quality of the instrument.

The cost of gynecological instruments for examination in our store

It is possible to buy a curette and spatula of gynecological type Eyra, as well as other instruments, such as a folkman's spoon or a mirror through our online store. If you decide to buy from us, you are guaranteed to get high-quality tools, the acquisition of which you will not regret. In addition, if you buy from us, you can be sure that you spent the optimal amount of money - the price in our store is relatively low.