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Medical scissors

Medical scissors are surgical instruments that are designed to dissect tissues of various types: cartilage, soft, bone, as well as dressing and suture material. Despite the similarity of the tasks that are performed by any scissors, in general there are quite a lot of different types of them. The definitions of the specific type of scissors that you need to buy are the first step in making a specific choice for this type of tool. In addition, when choosing scissors, it is necessary to take into account the quality of their manufacture and the level of the material of manufacture.

Vascular scissors vertically curved

As a rule, straight or curved scissors are made of the most durable and strong alloys with high density. Due to this, it is possible to achieve the preservation of the sharpness of the cutting surface of the scissors even under the condition of their continuous operation. Medical scissors are significantly different from conventional scissors. In their production, special modern technology is usually applied, consisting in the excision of the metal of the blades at a certain angle, after which laser sharpening is additionally applied. This makes it possible to make vascular scissors vertically curved, blunt-curved scissors and other types of medical scissors accurate and accurate when cutting any kind of tissue. This design of the eye and other types of scissors provides the highest accuracy when cutting tissue, while at the same time requiring minimal effort from the surgeon.

Eye scissors vertically curved cooper

Medical scissors can be divided into several types. Each of these types is applicable for different medical procedures; their use ensures that these procedures will be carried out promptly and effectively. Articulated scissors have two separate cutting surfaces that end in rings and are interconnected by a special articulated mechanism. The guillotine shears are based on a spring mechanism. In these scissors, the cutting surfaces touch across the entire surface, and not just at a single point. Typically, guillotine shears are used to cut cartilage, bones, and tendons. There are also special scissors designed for microsurgery, for example, vertically curved cooper eye scissors, used for surgery of limited cavities, in particular, eye cavities.

Our online store offers to buy straight and curved medical scissors

There are many places specially designed stores where you can buy these or other scissors. As a rule, when choosing this tool, they pay attention not only to the quality of workmanship and metal, but also to the cost. Today, it is most profitable to buy scissors through the Internet.

Plaster shears for cutting and removing plaster casts

Buy medical scissors straight and curved in the plane, surgical scissors vertically curved and straight and other types of various scissors at reasonable prices. In addition, you can also buy scissors from us for cutting and removing plaster casts. Whichever of these scissors you choose, you will not have to regret your choice. We sell only the most convenient and high-quality tools at reasonable prices for buyers.