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Medical tweezers

Medical tweezers are an auxiliary tool that is used for various manipulations. Tweezers are a type of forceps; it consists of two metal plates (jaws) that act as levers. The ends of the plates are connected on one side and diverge at a slight angle; when pressed, they spring, the free ends converge, and they capture various objects. The force of pressure can be adjusted by changing the distance between the working surfaces (jaws). For the convenience of holding in the hand and carrying out manipulations, the middle parts of the outer sides of the branches on which the fingers are located are made corrugated or covered with notches.

The use of tweezers

In medicine, chemically inert tweezers made of stainless steel are used. They find application in various fields:

  • Пинцетin surgery - for delicate fixation of soft tissues, tightening hard, dense, trapping small tumors, blood vessels, grabbing and holding the needle that sews the wound, dressing material, extracting tampons;
  • in otolaryngology - to remove foreign objects from the ears, clean the outer part of the ear canal, open the middle ear, insert deep into the artificial eardrum;
  • in ophthalmology - for manipulations on the eyelids and eyeball, its fixation, capture of parts of the eye during operations, removal of the anterior capsule of the lens during cataracts, dense cataracts, trachomatous grains, eyelashes;
  • in dentistry - for laying and removing tampons, turundas, articulating paper, capturing and installing abutments;
  • in parasitology, for extracting ticks from the body;
  • in gynecology - for the supply of hemostatic and dressings.

There are also highly specialized tools for the needs of endoprosthetics, implantation, so their shape allows you to capture and hold small orthopedic structures, implants, and assistive devices.

Varieties of Medical Tweezers

The most common is the division of these instruments into surgical and anatomical. Both are used in operations and manipulations, but the ends of the first are equipped with sharp teeth and allow you to fix dense tissue, piercing and slightly injuring them. The second at the ends of the sponges have transverse notches and are designed to fix soft tissues. This fixation is less reliable, but does not lead to tissue damage; this shape of the sponge is also suitable for the capture of sterile materials during the dressing.

Пинцет медицинскийIn addition to general medical, there are specialized tools that are used in certain areas - ophthalmic, ear, dental, gynecological, cosmetic. They differ in size, shape of the jaws (straight or curved, the angle of bending varies depending on the destination), the shape of the work areas (surgical, with denticles, or with notches, expanding or tapering at the ends). According to the last sign, such subspecies are distinguished:

  • cinquefoils and serratus-toothed, their ends resemble spoons, and may have denticles around the circumference. This design provides a fairly soft, but reliable capture of delicate tissues, and is also convenient for the capture of small tumors before removal;
  • microsurgical, with very thin ends, increased strength, allow you to capture small vessels;
  • fenestrated, used during operations on the brain.

In ophthalmology, tweezers are used for various manipulations:

  • fixing with a spring latch (Gref);
  • capsular, including multi-toothed;
  • hook-shaped;
  • fenestrated (Bellarminova);
  • with screw clamps - Demmar, with an oval ring at the end of the front sponge, and Sneller - with an arc;
  • corneal hummingbird type;
  • epilation and others.

They are also divided into large and small. Large can be straight and curved and small only curved. Gynecological tweezers distinguished by large and narrow lips. Ear tweezers distinguished by thinner ends and curved branches. Their most common subspecies are bayonet-shaped and horizontally curved.

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