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Medical clamps

When carrying out any surgical operations cannot do without clamping. Medical clamps are the collective name for a number of instruments: clamps, tweezers, forceps and holders. The surgical clamp consists of two branches connected by a lock. Working, exciting-holding parts of the branches are called sponges, branches. Auxiliary parts are designed to control workers; they include a handle, usually annular, like in scissors, a lock and a rock.

Medical Clamp Application

Medical clips allow you to squeeze, fix, hold and transmit various objects without touching them with your hands. With the help of these tools during surgery, various manipulations are performed with tissues, organs, other instruments and materials:

  • internal organs are captured that need to be moved away or brought closer;
  • organs are fixed in the position necessary for the operation;
  • blood vessels are pinched to prevent bleeding;
  • the lumen of the stomach and intestines is blocked so that their contents do not fall into the abdominal cavity;
  • the contents of the gastrointestinal tract is squeezed into a cuvette;
  • tissues are stratified, crushed, removed;
  • sterile underwear is fixed around the surgical field;
  • sterile instruments and operating materials are supplied;
  • drainage, tampons are introduced into the wound.

Varieties of surgical clamps

Зажим медицинскийFor each manipulation, a medical clamp of a special design is needed; there are dozens of varieties of these tools. Depending on the design features, the method of connecting the branches, they are divided into slide, articulated, articulated-slide, spring and detachable. If the branches are connected by a lock without a rack, they move smoothly relative to each other. The rack allows you to fix the working parts in the right position. There are medical clamps with a ratchet such as heck, gear and screw. Relatively recently, step less rack has appeared that allow you to precisely control the compression force. But clamps with an infinitely variable rack have a complex and bulky design.

Depending on the force of action on the tissue, surgical clamps are divided into:

  • elastic, which practically do not injure them;
  • hard, damage tissue, should not be used for more than 2 hours, otherwise the damage will become irreversible;
  • resection, crushing, designed to remove tissues, organs.

By appointment, medical clamps are divided into several groups:

  • hemostatic, including vascular;
  • fenestrated for capture, withdrawal into the surgical field, retention of internal organs formed by soft tissues (liver, kidneys, lungs, tongue);
  • stiff and elastic pulp for squeezing or crushing the intestines;
  • dissectors for dissection;
  • tweezers for fixing tight and delicate tissues during operations and dressings;
  • clamps (forceps) for capture of organs, including powerful bone clamps;
  • Mikulich clamps, provide fixation of the edges of the peritoneum after the cut and the attachment of linen to them;
  • holders for operating materials and tools;
  • straight and curved cutters for manipulating deep wounds (tamponade, drainage, removal of foreign bodies), supply of sterile accessories;
  • clamps medical for sterile linen.

Each group has its own varieties, especially many of them among hemostatic clamps. They are straight, curved and L-shaped, the latter are convenient for deep wounds. For large vessels, elastic clamps are intended, for small vessels - rigid. Kocher clamps with sharp teeth provide a reliable grip of the vessels, and Belroth clamps with cutting squeeze them gently, do not injure. Holsted clamps of the Mosquito type with thin working jaws are designed for the most delicate operations, neurosurgery, and newborn surgery.

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