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Bags with medical kits

Bag-laying of a paramedic and an ambulance doctor can be used in general practice, when a doctor works in the village and for all types of primary health care. Different types of ambulance bags provide for the possibility of their different use, depending on which compartments are present in the bag. For example, a packing bag can be used to store ophthalmoscopy, otorhinoscopy, or other urgent care equipment in a home or outpatient setting. A general practitioner who is equipped with such a bag can safely be retrained as a full-fledged family doctor, which will accelerate the implementation of primary care reform. In addition, the equipment that is part of such a stacking bag can be the main tool for the doctor’s office.

Buy medical bags

Depending on the specifics of the work of each individual doctor, a specific bag-laying should be selected. As a rule, the specific work that the doctor is engaged in determines the particular requirements for the technique or equipment used by him. It is necessary to choose the right bag for packing, taking into account just such factors: a list of the specific equipment that is present in it, its technical indicators and characteristics, place of manufacture of the bag, and the relationship of all this with the requirements of the doctor.

Most often, it is proposed to equip ambulances with bags with provided compartments for the following medical devices:
• otorinscope,
• neurological hammer,
• sphygmomanometer,
• flashlight for diagnostics,
• glucometer.

This list is the most common, but not exhaustive - a particular doctor may have their own preferences regarding the departments of the bag-packing.

Prices, types and options for stacking bags for doctors

Our online store wants to cater to as many customers as possible, and therefore offers five options at once for an appropriate stowage bag for carrying medical equipment. A wide assortment of the store includes a bag for nurse equipment. This item has the smallest size, due to the limited functionality of the nurse. At the same time, despite the seemingly small size of this packing bag, it can hold up to 26 medical items, starting with ordinary sterile bandages and ending with syringes and a scalpel. In addition, the range also includes a medical bag for ambulances. In this bag-packing some types of items can be placed at once: hemostatic products and dressings, various instruments, products for catheterization, injections and infusions, diagnostic tools and other medical products.

We also sell several stowage bags with a kit for a family doctor. They are similar and only slightly differ in their capacity. However, this affects their cost, for this reason, you should approach the choice of such a bag-packing carefully and responsibly.