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Physiotherapeutic irradiators

It is impossible to imagine the physiotherapeutic department of a modern clinic, hospital, sanatorium without an apparatus for electrophoresis. A direct current of small voltage and force is called galvanic; the contact effect of such a current on the human body is called galvanization. And electrophoresis is the movement of small particles of a substance under the influence of an electric field, the so-called physiotherapeutic procedure, in which the therapeutic effect of galvanic current is supplemented by the action of medicines. This is one of the most famous and common physiotherapeutic procedures with an extensive list of indications.

The use of an apparatus for electrophoresis

For galvanization and electrophoresis, special equipment is needed. The apparatus for electrophoresis is connected to an alternating current network and converts it into direct galvanic current. Electrodes, usually made in the form of thin metal plates, flat or repeating the outlines of a certain part of the body, are connected to the housing via wires with clamps. They are supplied with galvanic current. Between the electrodes of the electrophoresis apparatus and the patient’s body, pads soaked in the drug solution are placed.

Аппарат для электрофорезаUnder the influence of current, the drug is divided into positively and negatively charged ions, which penetrate through the pores into the skin, subcutaneous fat, and from there into the bloodstream and other tissues. Electrophoresis produces a complex effect:

  • the intensity of inflammation and pain decreases;
  • swelling subsides, hematomas resolve;
  • tense muscles relax;
  • the production of biologically active substances and microcirculation processes are activated;
  • nerve endings are stimulated, innervation improves;
  • tissue regeneration accelerates;
  • immunity is strengthened.

By selecting different drugs and adjusting the settings of the equipment for electrophoresis, it is possible to improve the condition of a patient with diseases of the ENT organs, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular, respiratory, genitourinary, nervous, endocrine system, musculoskeletal system. Electrophoresis devices are used in dermatology, ophthalmology, dentistry, in the postoperative rehabilitation chord.

Types of equipment for electrophoresis and galvanization

Devices for electrophoresis vary in size, current strength, a set of functions. They are divided into 3 groups:

  • portable, low-power, used both at home and in medical institutions;
  • semi-professional, characterized by larger dimensions, increased power, equipped with surface and cavity electrodes, the scope is wider;
  • professional, powerful and dimensional, usually stationary, with a wide range of settings. It is more than an apparatus for galvanization and drug electrophoresis. Professional devices are multifunctional, generate diadynamic, sinusoidal modulated currents and are used for various electrotherapeutic procedures.

Modern models of electrophoresis apparatuses are equipped with an expanded set of functions; there are programmable multifunctional devices in the memory of which you can enter the parameters of several procedures so as not to make manual settings each time. Convenient equipment functions include a timer, automatic shutdown of current at the end of the procedure, the ability to control current parameters in a wide range. There are electrophoresis devices with a wide scope and highly specialized, for example, for the treatment of urological diseases or for cosmetic procedures.

Buy a device for electrophoresis and galvanization in Kyiv and Ukraine

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  • compatibility with different types of electrodes;
  • high degree of security;
  • wide range current control;
  • long service life.

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