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Neonatology is a special section of the pediatry and a branch of knowledge about the care of newborn babies. The main aim of neonatology is to find the most effective methods for the diagnosing diseases in children during the first month of their lives and their effective treatment. During this period, the prevention of many different human diseases is extremely effective, it has a significant influence on human health in the future. Due to this branch of knowledge today in many cases it is possible to save lives of newborns who could not even survive some time ago. In neonatology it is very important to use all the possibilities, including the most modern technical facilities and equipment.

Neonatology equipment plays a critically important role in the health of the newborn, it allows for the effective prevention of many different diseases, early diagnostics and initiation of treatment at the stage when such treatment is most effective and of the highest quality. Neonatology in Kiev, all medical institutions that deal with this issue, need the most modern and high-quality equipment for newborns, because their lives and health must be treated with great care.

Equipment for the neonatology
There are many types of equipment for the neonatology, such equipment is now provided by many suppliers to medical institutions specially created for newborn babies. Taking into account the specificity of newborn babies' care, neonatology equipment should be chosen with great care. The mistakes in this case are unacceptable, so all medical institutions for the neonatology should choose only verified suppliers of the equipment, who are dealing with the corresponding deliveries for a long time, and therefore have the required experience and knowledge.
Our online shop's neonatology catalogue includes five types of equipment for the different needs. You can buy our functional children's bed, which is designed to accommodate children with injuries or cardiovascular or neurovascular diseases. There is also a special comfortable functional crib for newborns, equipped with everything you need. We also offer a functional bed for older children up to five years old who have various diseases. In addition, you can also buy a changing table and physiotherapy irradiator for the various procedures with newborn babies.


Under the neonatology there is an interaction with the most valuable thing in everyone's life - their child. For this reason, it is very important to use only the best technical equipment currently offered on the market. Many of these equipments can be bought in our online store. We supply only the highest quality equipment and responsibly handle our business.