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Medical mattresses

Pressure ulcers are a serious complication of many diseases, which is very difficult to fight. These unpleasant consequences occur with prolonged compression of human tissues, accompanied by a violation of microcirculation and trophism, the formation of ulcerative skin lesions. To fight such complications, you can buy an anti-decubitus mattress. This is an effective tool for patients who move a little, spend a long time in bed, and do not get up.

Use of an anti-decubitus mattress

Противопролежневый матрасThe bedsore mattress has a special structure that prevents pathological compression of skin tissue. It is recommended for use by people with disabilities, bedridden patients, and people who cannot fully service themselves. The surface of the mattress is represented by a special structure with which the patient effectively distributes the weight of his body while lying down. Medical mattress has the following range of effects:

  • Helps to improve blood circulation in the tissues of the body.
  • Reduces muscle tension during rest.
  • Prevents the occurrence of disorders of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Has a massage effect.
  • Counteracts the formation of ulcerative processes.
  • Improves sleep.

Such mattress is laid on top of a regular one and covered with a special absorbent sheet. Depending on the design, a compressor can be connected to this device. When choosing a model, it is important to pay attention to the size of the product and the weight of the load that the patient's weight gives. The cost of a bedsore mattress directly depends on its functionality, the quality of the material from which the product is made.

Variety of bedsore mattresses

Anti-decubitus mattress can be static or dynamic. This fundamental difference is based on the features of the action and indications for use of the product.

Static, in principle, are similar to the usual orthopedic mattresses. Their main task is to minimize the pressure and load on the problem areas of the body, which most often suffer from pressure sores. Therefore, static mattresses have a special shape repeating the bends of a person in the shoulders, buttocks, ankles and heels. The filler in this type of product is polyurethane foam; there are also cellular mattresses with gel filling. Static mattresses are best suited for people who spend most of their lives in bed, but get up from it and can move independently. Therefore, this bedsore mattress is able to fulfill its purpose in full.

Медицинский непромокаемый матрац от пролежнейDynamic type mattresses have a more complex structure. These products contain a large number of hollow cells, which are filled with air due to a special compressor. Thanks to the pressure, which is constantly changing, a light massage effect is created. Such cells can be inflated and deflated alternately, which reduces the load on areas of the body and increases the effect of massage. This type of product is best suited for people with constant bed rest. They can be used not only for preventive purposes, but also in complex treatment against pressure sores. Dynamic mattresses also have some varieties:

  • Cellular dynamic mattresses. They have a cell structure. They are used not only for prevention, but also in the complex treatment of already developed pressure sores of mild and moderate severity. There is one drawback that it is important to know before buying a cellular mattress in Kyiv - it is not designed for patients weighing more than 120 kilograms.
  • Tubular dynamic mattresses. They have a design feature - they consist of cylinders, which are presented in the form of cylinders. The inflation and deflation cycle alternately alternates for each balloon, which further increases the massage effect of the mattress. Medical mattress can be used for patients weighing more than 120 kilograms, as well as with bedsores of not only medium but also severe.

Some dynamic mattresses have additional functionality in the form of blowing. This property is best suited for severely sweating patients; air flows dry the skin, which also reduces the potential for pressure sores.

Buy anti-decubitus mattress in Kiev and Ukraine

In our online store Zavet presents a large selection of different products for both medical institutions and for personal use. A bedsore mattress is a sought-after product for people who care for people with disabilities, the elderly people, and patients with serious illnesses. Such a product will help not only prevent the possible development of pressure sores, but also provide proper care for patients with existing trophic skin changes.

The quality of the mattresses is fully consistent with the price of the goods, whose producer is Ukraine. Everyone can afford to choose the right mattress and buy a product, because the cost of the heading is affordable. In case of difficulty in choosing, the store staff will help with advice and will be able to choose the position suitable for a particular case. All offered products from a domestic manufacturer have the necessary quality certificates. We deliver goods to all cities of Ukraine, you can inspect the goods by visiting the office located in Kyiv.