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Medical Tripod

Medical tripod - buy an endoscopic stand

A medical tripod is an indispensable tool for the work of medical personnel. It can be called one of the main specialized pieces of furniture. The medical tripod for is a universal stand, which is most often used for intravenous infusions: in a clinic or at home.

Buy an infusion stand in Kiev

There are several types of medical tripods. The most common is a stationary infusion stand. It has special holders for bottles,  and bags filled with drugs and liquids. This medical tripod is made of a thin sheet of steel, has a polymer coating - for the convenience of disinfectant treatment.

There are stationary medical infusion racks with and without wheels. There is also a collapsible tripod. This type of furniture is most convenient for transportation: when disassembled, it takes up little space and easily fits into a special cover. The third view is a medical telescopic tripod: its design provides the ability to adjust the height for patient care.

Endoscopic Rack Price

You can buy a medical tripod for infusions of one of these types in our store. We are selling:
1. stationary tripod,
2. tripod for prolonged intravenous infusion of ShDV,
3. folding medical tripod,
4.endoscopic stand,
5. laparoscopic stance>.

The latter also allows you to store appliances, equipment and tools. The stand is made of high quality metal, painted with a special paint that is easy to clean and disinfect. Thanks to the wheels, it can be quickly and easily moved from room to room.

The endoscopic rack sold by us is an indispensable piece of furniture for placing special equipment during endoscopic examinations.

Long-term IVD tripod

When conducting drug therapy, it is often necessary to carry out intravenous infusions. A medical tripod is best suited for manipulation.

This type of medical equipment can be bought in our online store. In addition, you can also purchase convenient racks of any models from us. If you decide to buy a medical tripod or stand from us, you will receive quality products at a low price. You can get acquainted with all types of special furniture on the pages of our website.
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