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Ophthalmology (tables of Sivtsev and Rabkin)

Vision is one of the greatest gifts that a person is endowed with. There is probably no one more unhappy than the one who lost his sight. It is extremely difficult to overestimate the importance of vision for a person, everyone should appreciate it and try to save it as long as possible. But with all this, it is impossible to deny the fact that even with the most careful attitude to your eyes, vision can deteriorate. The reason for this may be poor heredity, characteristics of human labor and other factors. For this reason, it is very important to carry out a regular eye examination.

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Vision testing is carried out in special ophthalmology rooms in medical institutions. But just having an ophthalmologist to check your eyesight is not enough, special equipment must be used, which you can buy in specialized stores selling medical equipment. Such equipment for checking a person’s vision are various tables, as well as illuminators for them.

For eye examination - tables of Rabkin and Sivtsev

The most common and frequently used means for checking eyesight are special tables by Rabkin and Sivtsev. Sivtsev's table is a complex of two fields with depicted letters and symbols of different sizes. Sivtsev's test chart for checking visual acuity is placed at a certain distance from a person, vision testing is the ability to see and correctly name letters or symbols. Any ophthalmological office should buy this table, since only it allows you to perfectly check visual acuity. But the Rabkin table, in turn, is intended to test a person’s color perception. It depicts multi-colored drawings, and if a person correctly considers the numbers, then everything is in order with the color sensation. These two tables are most often used, and therefore it is necessary to buy Sivtsev and Rabkin tables in each ophthalmological office. But where to buy the polychromatic Rabkin tables and the Sivtsev table with maximum savings?

Sivtsev checklist for checking visual acuity

If you decide to buy Rabkin tables for the study of color perception with answers, it is best to apply for such a purchase in an online store. Buying something online is much more convenient than buying it in a regular store. When using the Internet, you can carefully familiarize yourself with a wide range of products, choose the products that are right for you and order them. It should be remembered that the price of the tables Golovin-Sivtsev and Rabkin when buying from us is much lower than when buying through a regular store.

Buy Rabkin tables for color perception research with answers

To check the vision of their patients, it is necessary to use only the most modern means. Everyone wants to maintain their vision, and therefore medical institutions must take care of the best diagnostic tools. Today it seems that such are the tables of Rabkin and Sivtsev, you can buy them from us. Do not forget about the illuminator for tables, because you can not do without it.