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Massage tables

Massage is an effective therapeutic and healing procedure, which is necessary for various diseases of the osteoarticular and muscular systems. But to achieve good results from such treatment, there is not enough only specialist skills. The effect of medical procedures will depend on what equipment the masseur uses. Therefore, it is so important to choose the right massage table. This should be not just a couch, but a functional tool that would provide maximum assistance to the doctor during the manipulation.

Massage table application

Массажный столMasseurs are now working in various institutions, so this equipment is used in:

  • Hospitals and clinics.. Most often, wide stationary massage tables are used that can withstand various weight loads. Massage is carried out for rehabilitation purposes, following the instructions of the attending doctor.
  • Beauty salons, spa.. Cosmetic and preventive massage treatments are provided at such facilities. Most often, folding tables are used, with a functional headrest and legs. It is better to buy models with a light frame and absorbent upholstery in Kyiv.
  • Massage centers.. Specialize in all types of massage. Usually equipped with massive tables with wooden frames and they are durable and reliable. Such tables are selected taking into account the design of the room where the massage is performed so that the visitor can completely relax, and the procedure has the maximum effect.
  • Sports medicine.. Massage is performed to relax tense muscles during exorbitant loads during sports procedures. For this, mobile folding tables are used that are convenient to carry. Popular models are fold into a convenient suitcase which is convenient to carry.
  • Fitness clubs.. Usually, in such institutions, relaxing massages for people with a powerful athletic physique are performed. Therefore, usually they buy guitar-shaped tables with maximum weight load.

Also, such equipment can be used at home. It is best to use stable and lightweight tables that fold comfortably. Such couches are inexpensive, so almost everyone can buy them in Kharkov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk.

Variety of massage tables

Массажный стол в КиевеAll massage tables are divided into two large groups - stationary and portable. They perform almost the same functions, only their device is different. A stationary table is a variant of a non-folding model. Typically, for such tables allocate a separate room in which the equipment is located constantly. Portable is different in that it can be folded. Such models are very mobile, easy to carry, they take up little space.

Also massage tables vary in the number of sections. The more sections they have, the more functional the equipment.

  • Simple options with one section are models without moving parts. Most often they are used in medical institutions in Kyiv.
  • A table with two sections is an option with a movable headrest or foot part. On such tables, it is convenient to carry out foot massage, as well as procedures for patients in a half-sitting position. Typically, such models of tables can be found in beauty salons or spas.
  • A massage table equipped with three sections is a model with a movable headrest and a worktop divided into two parts. These tables are equipped with a special motor, with the help of which the height of the sections is regulated. They are widely used in specialized massage centers.

Models with a large number of sections are distinguished. Usually these are tables with movable armrests and the lower parts of the bed.

All tables are distinguished by capacity, height, length, shape and width. Tables can also be made of various materials, the upholstery fabric is different. There are variants with moisture resistant upholstery or covered with material with good absorbency. Therefore, everyone can buy a suitable model in Kyiv.

Prices for massage tables

The cost of massage tables depends on many factors. First of all - this is the material of construction - wood products are more bulky, and are more expensive than aluminum or steel options. It is also important the quality of the coating material of the bed. It can be genuine leather, a medical artepec or leatherette resistant to chemical damage and abrasion. Models with additional structural elements that affect durability and reliability are also much more expensive. Tables with a large number of sections are more functional and convenient; therefore their cost is higher than single-section stationary models.

Massage tables that are produced in Ukraine are distinguished by high-quality assembly and reliable materials. They have wide functionality and affordable cost.

Buy a massage table in Kiev and Ukraine

Стол для массажаIn order not to visit many retail stores, you can order a massage table in the online store. Ukrainian manufacturer offers a wide selection of high quality, professional massage tables. Each model coresponds all standards and technical requirements.

In our online store a large assortment of massage tables is presented. There are both portable and stationary models. You can always choose the option of the desired shape, length, height and suitable functionality. There is also the opportunity to buy models of treatment tables, which can be used not only for massage, but also for other medical manipulations.

All massage tables can be purchased at an affordable, low price. If you are having difficulty choosing the right model, you can get useful recommendations from store consultants. It is also possible to order the delivery of goods you like to any city in Ukraine. All items are covered by warranty. You can inspect the goods before buying, having arrived at the main office of the company, which is located in Kyiv.