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Laboratory hood

A laboratory cabinet with hood, which chemists simply call draft, is a type of ventilation equipment, semi-open local ventilation, designed to work with harmful volatile substances. A laboratory cabinet with hood (SHV) is a frame construction, which necessarily includes a working chamber with a transparent screen and an exhaust dome. Many models for the laboratory are equipped with additional elements (sink, vacuum pump, lamp, internal partitions, and shelves). The main requirements for such a design are high strength, stiffness of the base and chemical inertness of materials.

The use of cabinet with hood

The cabinet with hood is connected to the ventilation system, in the absence of it; an autonomous model is used, equipped with a built-in fan and a filter system. Inside the working chamber, on a countertop made of chemically resistant material, everything necessary for the flow of the process, which is accompanied by the release of harmful gases, dust, a large amount of heat, is placed. The front door (protective screen) is lowered to prevent the entry of hazardous reaction products into the laboratory room. Through the exhaust dome they are vented. If substances of low toxicity are formed or their emission is negligible, it is permissible to use an exhaust hood (umbrella) instead of a cabinet with a closed chamber.

Шкаф вытяжной лабораторныйSuch equipment is used in chemical, bacteriological, radiological, pharmaceutical and other laboratories. The main facilities where it is used are medical institutions, educational institutions, research institutes. Ventilation equipment is necessary not only for laboratories, but also for the needs of industry, in particular, metal processing, ceramics firing using muffle furnaces. Its main purpose is to ensure the safety of personnel during experiments, research, and analysis. Depending on the design features, the materials from which the main elements are made, semi-open local ventilation in the form of a cabinet can be used for different purposes:

  • a cabinet equipped with a sink allows washing laboratory glassware;
  • models with a curbstone in addition to the main purpose are used for storage of dishes and reagents;
  • demonstration cabinets in which not only a movable screen at the front, but the back and side walls are made of transparent material, are usually used in educational institutions to demonstrate chemical experiments;
  • explosion-proof execution (increased strength, with a sealed lamp and control panel, without electrical equipment) - for working with combustible and explosive substances;
  • with a titration unit - for titrimetric analysis of solutions, that is, determination of mass concentration of components;
  • with an electric heating panel - for processes that require the creation of certain temperature conditions;
  • equipped with gloves made of chemically resistant rubber - for safe handling inside the cooking chamber.

There are general-purpose cabinets with hoods, as well as for working with ordinary and fuming acids, flammable liquids (LVF), radioisotopes, and thermal equipment. In medicine, general-purpose joint ventures are used to conduct experiments, tests, and analyzes.

Buy a cabinet with hood for laboratories in Kyiv and Ukraine

One of the leading manufacturers of medical equipment in Ukraine is a manufacture that is part of the GC "Testament". All products of this manufacturer are of high quality, which is achieved through the implementation of the ISO 9001 management system. At the same time, since production is concentrated in Ukraine and storage facilities are located in Kyiv, equipment can be bought much cheaper than imported analogues.

The manufacturer offers medical cabinets for various purposes, including fume hoods. Models of various sizes are available, with a more capacious working chamber or compact, for small rooms. In addition to an affordable price without overpayments, the advantages of purchasing equipment from the manufacturer include the possibility of picking on order:

  • replacing the worktop from chipboard with a plate resistant to acids and alkalis;
  • installation of additional sockets and switches on the front panel;
  • installation of a sink, fan, lamp;
  • implementation of the option of regulating the air flow, drawing speed.

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