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Medical Screen

Medical screen price

In all hospitals, patients have to be close to each other. To ensure their comfort during procedures and diagnostic activities, it is necessary to use special pieces of furniture, such as medical carts, a medical tripod, beds, wardrobes and, of course, a medical screen. Thanks to the use of this folding and mobile partition, the doctor and patient can be isolated as much as possible.

Medical screen

A medical screen divides the space of the medical office into several zones of a functional type. This ensures maximum comfort and privacy of manipulations for both the doctor and the patient.

As for the scope, medical partitions are most often used in surgery, gynecology and resuscitation. But the medical screen will not be superfluous in the procedural and in any office of a specialized specialist.

Two-section medical screen

A medical screen helps to cope with the patient’s awkwardness during procedures or examinations. In addition, sometimes it can be used in order to provide the patient with privacy. For example, in resuscitation departments, men and women are sometimes in the same ward, and therefore the use of mobile partitions and zoning of space is simply necessary.

Medical screen 3 and 2 section

There is a medical screen of several modifications: 1, 2 and 3-section. The more sections a partition has, the wider and more convenient it is. However, do not forget that usually female medical staff sets up medical screens, so the piece of furniture should not be too bulky and heavy. Otherwise, for ease of movement, the medical screen should be equipped with special wheels, making its operation as convenient as possible.

The optimal solution is a two-section medical screen (partition). It is equipped with wheels, but does not differ in large weight.

But the final decision on the choice of a particular model remains with the client, in our online store you can buy medical screens having 1, 2 or 3 sections. The price of the product (medical screen) depends on the material of manufacture, design and the availability of additional functional parts.

Buy cheap medical screen

When the question arises where to buy a medical screen, from a financial point of view it is better to give preference to online shopping. As you know, online trading floors can provide a more competitive price for their products. This fully applies to special equipment.
If you need a medical sectional screen, you want to order and buy one or another model, check out the catalog of our online store: on its pages you can find out a detailed description of each screen presented. A detailed description, as well as competent advice from our managers will help you make the right choice. And the optimal price-quality ratio will once again confirm the correctness of the purchase!