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Medical stadiometer

The initial examination of the patient, regardless of the reason for his visit to the doctor, is often accompanied by anthropometric measurements, for which scales and stadiometers are used. The child’s medical record contains information on height and weight, and they are often indicated in the adult’s medical history. When anthropological measurements are carried out for medical needs, their high accuracy, which household measuring devices cannot always provide, is of particular importance. That’s why doctors use a special device.

Application of the stadiometer

Ростомер медицинскийMedical stadiometer is used to accurately measure the growth of children and adults. Dynamics of growth and weight is one of the most important criteria for assessing the development of a child up to a year. While a person continues to grow, such measurements are carried out regularly, their results are correlated with the age norm. Serious deviations from the average values ​​may indicate endocrine disorders. Abnormal growth can also be due to chronic stress, an unbalanced diet. Sometimes the results of anthropometry, which are atypical for the patient’s age, sometimes force the doctor to prescribe a comprehensive examination and can reveal serious diseases such as heart disease, anemia, and disorders of the brain, liver, and kidneys at an early stage.

In adults, growth measurements can also serve diagnostic purposes. If a person grows up to 20-25 years, then after 35 growths begin to decrease gradually, this is a natural physiological process associated with muscle degeneration, wear of joints and intervertebral discs. Overly pronounced negative dynamics may indicate osteoporosis, diseases of the spine and joints. Measurement of growth is also necessary to calculate body mass index and diagnose its deficiency or obesity. Anthropological indicators are also measured for the purpose of treatment, the exact calculation of the dosage of certain drugs, the determination of adequate physical activity during exercise therapy.

It is necessary to buy a stadiometer to equip various institutions, including:

general hospitals and polyclinics and nurseries (it is especially important for the work of pediatricians, endocrinologists, orthopedists, vertebrologists and arthrologists);

  • women's consultations;
  • diagnostic centers;
  • educational system institutions (medical rooms of kindergartens, schools, colleges and universities);
  • state institutions with medical offices;
  • sanatoriums, children's recreation camps;
  • sports, fitness clubs, physical therapy centers.

Varieties of Medical Stadiometers

Many models of medical stadiometers are produced; they are classified according to several criteria:

  • by appointment - models for newborns and children up to 1.5 years are classified as children's, all others - as usual;
  • by design - mechanical and electronic;
  • by type of mounting - floor and pendant;
  • according to the features of the functional - height meters combined with scales, with two scales, with a folding seat.

The children's model is a tray with high sides, a measuring scale on one of them and a movable transverse bar, which is pressed against the baby’s head. The usual one has a vertical design, either suspended on a wall, or equipped with a stable platform for installation on the floor. In mechanical devices, along the vertical rod on which the scale is applied, a level bar moves strictly perpendicular to the rod. Electronic ones usually work from the battery pack, less often from the mains, are equipped with a microprocessor, which evaluates the degree of spring tension and gives the corresponding growth parameters on the display panel. In this category, portable, retractable, hanging devices stand out.

To assess body proportions, it is necessary to perform a number of measurements, including measuring growth in a standing and sitting position, in order to compare these indicators. For these purposes, models with folding seats are designed. Instruments with scales can save time and space. Also distinguish models of wooden and metal, prefabricated and solid construction.

Buy stadiometer in Kyiv and Ukraine

The Ukrainian manufacturer of medical equipment, the group of companies "Zavet", offers to buy different models of stadiometers. Our advantages:

  • high product quality, compliance with standards, structural strength and stability, high measurement accuracy;
  • a wide range that can meet the needs of institutions of any profile. Models for pediatrics and conventional, floor and suspension, for measurements in standing-sitting positions, with mechanical scales are presented;
  • prices are the most affordable, from the manufacturer;
  • delivery from a warehouse in Kyiv throughout Ukraine is possible.

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