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Medical beds

Medical beds are structurally different from the models that are used in everyday life. The bed for bedridden patients is designed so that the patient can take the most comfortable position from a physiological point of view, easier to tolerate his condition, and it is more convenient for staff or relatives to take care of him.

The use of a medical bed

A bed for patients is used mainly in hospitals of medical institutions. Such beds cannot be dispensed with in the departments where patients with limited mobility undergo treatment or early postoperative rehabilitation. They are also in demand in nursing homes and other social institutions. If one of the family members is seriously ill and cannot move independently, but does not need constant medical supervision, it makes sense to purchase or rent a hospital bed for home use.

Медицинская кроватьBeds for bedridden patients consist of several sections, the angle of which can be changed. Depending on the model, additional options, a medical bed can perform many functions:

  • placing the patient in a half-sitting position, more comfortable than the usual recumbent, reducing the load on the abdominal muscles and preventing stagnation in the lungs, digestive tract;
  • giving a sitting position with legs down for eating, to normalize the work of the heart;
  • reducing the risk of bedsores due to the use of a special mattress;
  • simple turning of the patient on its side to change the position of the body, prevention of pressure sores, ease of care;
  • preventing the patient from falling during sleep, transportation;
  • regulation of the height of the bed for the convenience of self-descent from the bed, examination and medical manipulations, shifting the patient to a gurney;
  • simple movement of the patient with the bed;
  • fixing the body or individual parts in the desired position;
  • facilitating independent movement of the patient from a prone position to a sitting position;
  • limb trauma after an injury;
  • convenient implementation of hygiene procedures.

Varieties of beds for bedridden patients

Hospital-wide beds, fixed and mobile, do not have movable sections; they are suitable for patients whose condition allows them to get out of bed and move around. Beds for bedridden patients are classified by the number of sections (from 1 to 4) and by the type of drive, there are also varieties with additional options and functions. In single-section beds, only the head section is lifted and fixed at the desired angle, in two-section beds, the elevation angle of the head and foot sections is changed. In the three-section head, pelvic and foot panels are movable, and in the four-section, in addition to them, there is a fixed intermediate panel, which is located between the head and hip.

Медицинская кровать для лежачих больныхDepending on the method of changing the angle of the sections of the beds are divided into:

  • mechanical, sections are set in motion by muscular force and are fixed by a lock. Such beds for patients are the cheapest, but require considerable physical effort, especially if the patient is full;
  • with a worm drive - a system of screw levers;
  • with air spring;
  • with electric, remote control from the remote control, the most modern and expensive, but the most convenient, control is effortless. With the preservation of intelligence and mobility of the hands, the patient himself can change the position of the sections;
  • combined, as well as with electric drive and emergency power system.

According to the availability of additional functions, beds are allocated:

  • with a toilet device - a hole in the section and a shelf for the vessel;
  • with orthopedic base made of lamellas;
  • with the function of turning on its side (the head and pelvic sections are divided longitudinally into 2 halves, each can be raised);
  • with a foot section lowering to the floor (cardioplace);
  • with height adjustment;
  • with the Balkan frame - a device for pulling the body, fixing the legs in a raised, elongated position;
  • with a fence, fixed or removable, made in the form of a wooden crossbeam, an aluminum frame with vertical rods, plastic blinds.

Buy a medical bed in Kyiv and Ukraine

The Zavet medical equipment online store offers to buy medical beds for various purposes:

  • functional, with a different number of sections;
  • for restless patients with a neuropsychiatric profile, made of a durable metal profile, equipped with devices to which belts are attached;
  • obstetric, for obstetric care, with transformable design;
  • traumatological, 4-section, with a double traction system.

The breadth of the assortment is not our only advantage. All equipment and machinery that the Zavet company offers undergoes careful selection and quality control. We set affordable prices for goods, provide qualified advice on choosing beds and other medical equipment. Operational delivery from Kyiv to any city of Ukraine is carried out. And if you need maintenance and repair of medical equipment, we will carry out it efficiently and in a short time.