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Functional beds

Functional beds for patients

A functional bed is a special bed with a special design, which is used in the field of medicine. It is designed specifically for patients who are in a supine position during the postoperative period, for patients who cannot be transported or moved, and for seriously ill people. The scope of the functional bed is extensive: it can be used in social facilities, nursing homes, inpatient medical facilities, as well as at home.

The main advantage of such bed is that when it is used, patient care becomes much simpler, and this makes the work of medical staff faster and more efficient. As a rule, a functional bed provides for various possibilities of placing the patient, so that it can be placed in a fairly comfortable posture for care. Along with side rails, wheels for movement, as well as a device for pulling up, the functional bed is also equipped with special sections, with which you can change the angle of the bed.

Buy a functional three-piece bed

There are many functional beds, you can spend a certain classification. First of all, they are classified by the number of sections - those can be from 1 to 4. As you know, the angle of each section can be changed. Accordingly, the next difference between functional beds is the way to change this tilt. The tilt is carried out by a special drive. If the bed is electric, then the tilt is done by pressing a key on the control panel. In mechanical beds, the tilt of the sections changes mechanically.

Mechanical four-section functional bed

In our store you can buy several models of functional beds. Firstly, it is a special auxiliary functional bed for childbirth. This bed can be specially transformed to give the most comfortable position to the woman body  in labor during the procedure itself, as well as after it. Secondly, we can buy functional beds for bed patients, the best price for these pieces of furniture will be provided. The most comfortable among all beds is a mechanical four-section functional bed, because it has the largest number of sections and provides the best care for the patient. In addition, you can buy a functional three-section bed from us. Although this option does not have the maximum number of sections, it is also a good enough solution for high-quality and convenient care for the largest number of bedridden patients.

Different kind of functional beds

Our store has a wide range of different functional beds, while the price of all these items is at a fairly low level. When you purchase from us you will get high-quality beds, while being able to save significantly. We sell only the best care products for patients, so you will be pleased with your acquisition and the variety of its functions.