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Mercury-quartz irradiators

A quartz lamp is a bactericidal emitter that is used to produce ultraviolet radiation. With it, you can effectively fight viruses, various microorganisms, as well as improve metabolism and strengthen immunity. You can buy such a lamp not only for a medical institution, but also for domestic use. There is always the opportunity to choose a suitable radiator model in Kyiv for treatment and disease prevention.

The use of a mercury-quartz lamp

Кварцевая лампаQuartz lamps are actively used in modern medicine. In health facilities, such devices can be used in different ways.

  • Processing facilities. For room quartzing, irradiators are used, where the light source is a mercury-quartz lamp. The main feature of this device is the release of ozone during operation. Such a gas has a high-quality disinfecting effect, contributes to the destruction of bacteria, fungi, viruses. Quartz lamps should be included in rooms where all surfaces must be carefully processed. For example - manipulation rooms, vaccination rooms, operating rooms, dressing rooms.
  • Quartzing of the skin and mucous membranes.The bactericidal radiation of the device has a medicinal effect in the treatment of diseases of various etiologies. With it, you can activate metabolic processes, prevent the development of hypovitaminosis, and destroy pathogenic microorganisms. The lamp can be used to treat diseases of the skin, mucous membranes, and damage to the nervous and respiratory systems.

Such lamps can be used not only in medical institutions. They are widely used in crowded places (schools, kindergartens, offices). It is also recommended to buy such medical equipment for use at home. The required power, duration and number of sessions can only be determined by the attending doctor. For domestic purposes, you need to use lamp models that do not emit ozone. Such models are completely safe and their price is lower, more affordable.

A variety of quartz lamps

Ртутно-кварцевая лампаTo choose the best option among these medical devices, you should familiarize yourself with their types. Quartz emitters can be divided according to purpose, by type of irradiator, design, method of attachment, area. If you decide in advance for what purpose you need to buy a quartz lamp, then there should be no difficulties in choosing a specific option.

By type of lamp, they are divided into illuminators of open and closed (shielded) type. If the mercury-quartz lamp is open, then before its operation the room is freed from people and animals. This is due to the fact that quartz emits ozone, which is dangerous not only for microbes, but also for other living organisms. Shielded quartzizer does not have such a disadvantage.

By design, the lamps are divided into open and closed (recirculators). If in an open system ultraviolet radiation without obstacles freely spreads around the room, then air enters the recirculators through special openings to the lamp, where it is quartzized and exits outward already clean of microorganisms.

According to the method of fastening the lamps are divided depending on the needs for their placement:

  • Wall mounted. Such lamps are stationary, therefore, are mounted with the expectation of quartzization of one room.
  • Tabletop. This lamp is easy to transport, so it is most often used for local disinfection on various flat surfaces.
  • Outdoor. A mobile lamp can be used for various rooms including large ones.

Кварцевая лампа в КиевеDo not forget about the power of the lamp, since its effectiveness directly depends on this parameter. The larger the room, the more power should be. For a room of 15-20 square meters a lamp of 15 watts will be enough, while for a room of 40 square meters , the power will not be enough, it is advisable to choose a lamp for 36 watts.

There is also a separate variety of lamps - these are quartz lamps for irradiating a person. They are used for intracavitary or superficial use. They come in various variations, and also distinguished in power depending on the age of the patient. For adults, 7 or 9 watts lamps are used, for children - 5 watts.

Physiotherapeutic mercury-quartz lamps look like a tube. They differ from ordinary lamps in mobility and equipment. For example, to work with ENT organs, the tubes have sections at different angles, as well as several diameters, which allow them to be used by both adults and children with various anatomical features. In addition to tubes, such devices have a shutter with the help of which it is very easy to control the surface area of the treated lamp.

Buy a quartz lamp in Kiev and Ukraine

Quartz lamp is a useful device not only for hospitals, clinics, but also for personal use. You can easily buy such medical equipment in our online store. We present a large assortment of goods for purchase in the city of Kyiv. We also deliver goods to other cities of Ukraine. Our customers always have the opportunity to choose the lamp of the required type, power. In case of difficulty with the choice, everyone can get advice from the store employees.

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