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Medical tables

In medical institutions, many different manipulations are performed daily, so all hospital premises should be equipped with comfortable and functional furniture. For carrying out procedures, operations, blood sampling for laboratory research, it is convenient to use a medical table. Such furniture can be of various shapes, sizes, made of various materials.

The use of medical tables

Медицинский столMedical tables are widely used in the practice of medical professionals. No hospital can do without these assistive devices. Such tables can be used to store tools, medicines, medical material. Also, they can be used in operating rooms or massage rooms for conducting medical manipulations to the patient. Functional tables are used in laboratories, treatment rooms and section rooms.

Each table model must meet the following criteria:

  • It is important that the wheels have special protection to prevent injuries to patients and medical personnel.
  • Made of safe materials.
  • Equipped with rails to prevent tools from falling to the floor.
  • Resistance to the action of cleaning, washing solutions.
  • Fully consistent with the working conditions of the staff.

Only a model of a medical table that exactly matches these criteria will be most useful for a healthcare professional.

A variety of medical tables

The manipulation table can be used in various fields of medical practice. There are universal models of tables that can be used in any medical institution and options used only in certain departments. There are also manipulation tables of a simple, familiar design and options with additional equipment.

By purpose, this furniture is divided into:

  • Rolling. These are bedside, mobile models that are used to provide a comfortable environment for patients. They are used to distribute medicines, conveniently carry out manipulations to patients, and feed them.
  • Tables for tools.A medical table is used to store sterile and non-sterile instruments, material. In its design, it has special fences, sides to exclude the possibility of falling tools. Made of durable, reliable material that is resistant to aggressive detergents.
  • A table for the newborn. It is used for swaddling, manipulation, examination of infants. It has a stable design, is completely safe for the baby.
  • Models of a manipulation table for special purposes. Such tables are distinguished by the presence of additional niches, shelves, tiers, drawers and stands. There are models for the installation of endoscopic, ophthalmic equipment, for microscopy. Some tables have additional fastenings, clamps, mechanisms for changing the configuration of the structure. Also, these table options are equipped with more reliable protection tools. They can be used for doctors of various specialties - dentists, anesthetists, gynecologists.

Медицинский стол в КиевеAll tables vary significantly in shape, size. There are models made entirely of metal, plastic, glass or from combined materials. You can buy a table that will be upholstered with absorbent or waterproof material. There are also models of handling tables equipped with devices for attaching to medical devices, holders, reposition or traction systems. In our store you can pick up and order the most comfortable, convenient and functional table model for any purpose. Before applying, furniture can be inspected at the main office in Kyiv.

Buy a medical table in Kyiv and Ukraine

Buying a medical table in an online store is much more convenient than choosing the right model in a retail store. We offer an extensive catalog of products at a reasonable and affordable price. Also in the Covenant store you can successfully pick up other medical equipment and special furniture.

We have presented various positions of medical tables. There is always the opportunity to choose and buy a suitable model. All tables are made of high quality, reliable materials. The manufacturer is Ukraine, so the prices for all positions are favorable, and the quality is high. They can be bought not only for health facilities, but also for personal use. Such furniture is very convenient and functional. The product is covered by the warranty; all items have the necessary certificates. We deliver tables and other medical goods to all cities of Ukraine. Before buying, each customer can get professional advice from store employees.