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Ultraviolet camera - special technical equipment that is used to store the medical instruments preliminary passing complete sterilization. The main function of this bactericidal camera is to prevent the re-contamination of the sterile medical instrument by different microorganisms. This function is very important because the medical instruments being used, especially those used in dentistry, are in constant contact with the blood or saliva of patients. In this way, the maintenance of the sterility of medical instruments is necessary in order to keep the medical instrument completely decontaminated. It should be remembered that the ultraviolet camera does not sterilize instruments, but only keeps them in a sterile state. That means, you need to sterilize them beforehand.

It is undeniable that every serious medical facility has to buy an ultraviolet camera. The ultraviolet camera is an indispensable technical equipment to ensure the complete safety of patients, because if it is not used, there is a certain risk of accidental contamination of the patient after re-contamination. Of course, this is not acceptable in a serious medical establishment, so it must always be used and become a main technical equipment in any type of medical activity.
Ultraviolet camera - for any medical establishment
On our site you can choose and buy an ultraviolet camera. At the same time, we have a wide range of these technical equipments, and medical institution of any level will be able to choose a corresponding equipment for their needs. One of the main factors in the choice is the price and functionality of product.


The most high-priced camera, called MOBIL PLUS, is equipped with a high two-shelf castor stand, which allows it to be used in almost any environment and circumstance. Its frame is made of high quality metal, all the functions of maintaining sterility are perfectly respected, which completely justifies the cost. The price for an ultraviolet camera of a lower level is typical for STANDARD. This camera can be installed both on the table and on mobile stands. It is universal, but less mobile than MOBIL. The lowest priced camera in our shop is ECONOMY. While the function of maintaining sterility is fully performed by this camera, it is less spacious than others. This is the way to save money and ensure a low price. Each of our ultraviolet cameras in general is of high quality and attracts attention from customers. On the site you can get acquainted with the details and make a well-weighted choice.