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Gynecological armchairs

Gynecological chair - it is an important component of the work of gynecologists and obstetricians of any medical institution. This equipment can be used for diagnostic and preventive examinations of women, conducting surgical interventions and physiological birth. Therefore, a correctly selected high-quality model of the chair will be an indispensable assistant for the work of a doctor of gynecological specialty.

The use of a gynecological chair

Gynecological chair is widely used in many medical institutions. The equipment is used for:

  • Inspection of women. With its help, the patient occupies an optimal position for external and internal examination of the genitals.
  • Performing small gynecological, urological and proctologic surgical interventions. Using the chair, you can conveniently change the position of the patient, which greatly facilitates the work of medical personnel.
  • Delivery. On the gynecological chair, a woman can occupy a comfortable position for carrying out natural delivery.

Before you buy this medical equipment, it is important to pay attention to all the components of the chair. It is important that the model is with high-quality upholstery that is easy to clean. It is desirable that a tool tray be provided in the equipment design. It should be roomy enough, removable, without sharp edges. It is also desirable that the chair is as compact as possible, mobile and convenient to use.

A variety of gynecological chair

Equipment for gynecological examinations differs significantly in the way the equipment is adjusted. Allocate such:

  • Mechanical. It is a reliable and convenient design that has a long service life. The main disadvantage is the inability to change position when the patient is already on the chair.
  • Hydraulic. It is adjustable by repeatedly pressing the doctor on a special lever and may change patient position up or down.
  • Pneumatic. The movement of the chair occurs through the operation of a special gas spring. The position of the device is adjustable very smoothly and conveniently.
  • Electromechanical. Using this drive, you can adjust the position of any part of the chair. Such equipment is powerful, durable, and does not fail for a long time. You can buy it at a low cost.

Гинекологическое креслоArmchairs vary significantly in size (length and width of the pelvic part, back size, total size of the product when unfolded). More comfortable, models equipped with a wheel base. Using it, you can correctly distribute the load on the equipment; ensure its mobility with large dimensions. An important part of the chair is the Geppel leg holders. It is better to select models with the ability to adjust them not only in height, but also in the side of the tilt relative to the pelvic section. It is necessary to pay attention to the load capacity of the chair. It is desirable that it was at least 150 kg.

A good option is models equipped with seamless upholstery. If stitches are used on the chair, they are usually located in the pelvic area where friction constantly occurs, moisture accumulates. From this effect, for 2-3 years, the thread used in the seams begins to rot and tear. Therefore, such a chair can no longer undergo disinfection and quickly goes out of operation.

Buy a gynecological chair in Kyiv and Ukraine

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