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It is difficult to imagine a medical institution that completely dispenses with the use of various equipment and furniture. As a rule, medical institutions need modern equipment and technical means to organize patient care, conduct examinations and preventive measures, and carry out various kinds of medical procedures. All this is impossible to carry out without the use of medical chairs. All medical chairs should facilitate the necessary procedures and be comfortable for the patient.

Various medical chairs

The range of our online store is truly extensive and large. You can buy many different chairs from us for the implementation of a number of tasks for carrying out various procedures or for ordinary patient care. For example, you can buy a medical lamb chair from us. This type of chair is used by professional doctors to check the patient’s vestibular apparatus. This chair has a special design that allows you to bring it into rotation with the patient sitting on it. All safety measures are fully respected - the chair has a special clasp in the form of a chain

Buy medical toilet chair

In our store you can also purchase to buy a medical toilet chair. This chair is an indispensable tool for caring for those patients who suffer from a violation of certain functions of the musculoskeletal system. This medical chair can be used in several ways at once - as a means for patient self-care or when caring for him. A feature of this chair is its high universalism - it can be used not only in medical institutions or institutions of various kinds, but also at home.

Medical Wheelchairs

Exactly the same actively applicable in medical institutions are medical wheelchairs. The medical wheelchairs we sell are used in medical facilities as a special tool for moving patients in a sitting position. This chair has a soft seat that provides complete comfort for the patient being moved. It has four wheels, two of which are large, which makes it easy to overcome various obstacles. It is also worth paying attention to the comfortable armrests of this chair, they are at the right height and provide comfort for the patient being moved.

In addition to the above three medical chairs, we also sell some of their other types. In particular, our catalog includes the most convenient cosmetic chair equipped with armrests, kneecaps and having the function of height adjustment. The otolaryngological chair can be used to carry out all the necessary otolaryngological procedures, and the sorption chair allows you to conveniently place the patient for blood sampling, dialysis and cytostatic treatment. All of these chairs are comfortable for the doctor and comfort for the patient.