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Medical carts for transportation

Carts for transporting cylinders - buy at the best price

It is impossible to imagine all medical institutions, no matter what exactly they are doing, without the use of such necessary auxiliary equipment as tables and medical carts. Medical carts and the internal carts are different, they are designed to perform different tasks and goals. At the same time, it is worth noting that a common feature of all medical carts is that all of them are equipped with castors. For this reason, in any case, no matter what tool trolley you purchase, you need to pay attention to the quality of the installed wheels and the level of their functionality.

Price for carts for transporting oxygen and gas cylinders

If you need a trolley for transporting cylinders - you can buy it at the best price in our store. There are several types of carts for transporting cylinders, they differ in their level of functionality and capacity. It is worth noting that you can buy carts from us both for transporting one cylinder with a capacity of 50 liters, and for transporting two such cylinders. Both of these carts are for indoor use only. The price of carts for transporting oxygen and gas cylinders through an online store, as a rule, is lower, and therefore you can save on buying such a cylinder with us.

Buy a medical wheelchair cart for transporting patients

It is natural that in many medical institutions there is a need to transport patients. You can also buy a medical wheelchair cart for transporting patients through our online store. It is worth noting the high level of versatility of this type of cart. Its main feature is that it is suitable not only for transporting patients, but also for conducting a full examination of the patient in comfortable conditions, in such cases it will serve as a couch.

Medical laundry cart with bag

Also, a medical cart with a bag can be purchased through our online store. It is quite understandable that in the conditions of a medical institution the need constantly arises to use various means for providing care for patients, one of such means is a cart for transporting clean and dirty linen. It is extremely convenient to use this type of cart, it is equipped with everything necessary for full use and can be effectively used to transport linen immediately after purchase. We also have a cleaning kit with a cart and a clean cart  for cleaning.

Multifunction cart

In our store not only the above carts are sold, but also their other types. For example, in our store you can also buy a table, a multi-function cart, an internal medical instrumental cart, as well as other types of various carts. For whatever purpose you need a cart - whether it is transporting balloons, linen or transporting patients - you can choose and buy a suitable cart through our online store.

Medical tool cart

The advantages of buying from us are many. In particular, one such advantage is the price. Due to the fact that we work through the Internet, we can provide a lower price for instrumental and medical carts, thereby giving you the opportunity to save significantly.