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Medical electric water distillers

The water distiller is a special device whose main functional purpose is to purify water from harmful impurities. This method of distillation is recognized worldwide as one of the most universal and effective for purifying water from all that is unnecessary and not useful.

The use of water distiller

As a rule, the water distiller is most often used in medical institutions - in hospitals, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical factories - for the corresponding purification of drinking water from radionuclides. The process of obtaining a distiller is similar to the process that occurs in nature in a natural way - first evaporation occurs, then condensation occurs, after which water is collected in the form of precipitation. The essence of the procedure, which is provided by the water distiller, is that during evaporation, water can get rid of all the harmful impurities that it contains. To distill, it is necessary to pour water into the autodistiller, where it will be brought to a boil. The formed vapors will be condensed, and the condensate, in turn, will not contain impurities, and water will be completely purified. There are different types of water distiller, for example water distiller DE 4 2 (02) emo - it has a capacity of 4, and the second type is intended for the production of pure distilled water in hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories and other special institutions.

Types of medical laboratory and pharmacy water distillers

There are several types of water distillers: fire, electric with water treatment function and electric with a built-in collector. In addition to heating methods and design features, these water distillers also differ in the level of performance - they have different capacities. This is important when used in pharmacies, which often differ in the amount of water used per day.

Functions of water distillers in medicine and everyday life

It is worth noting that the modern medical pharmacy or laboratory water distiller also has the function of preparing cold or hot distillate, which can satisfy the pharmacy's need for the preparation of high-saturation solutions.
Another very useful feature is the ability to turn off automatically. If the centralized water supply is stopped, it can be combined with a purified water collector into a single system. When the auto-distiller is completely filled with its collection, it will automatically and completely shut off. If auto-distillation was successful, then water will not contain nitrites, calcium salts, sulfates, carbon dioxide and various types of heavy metals.

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