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Massage rollers

Massage roller is an accessory that cannot be dispensed with in clinics, spas, fitness centers and other establishments where massage is performed. Some types of massage rollers can be bought for use at home, self-massage sessions, and gymnastics.

Application of massage roller

The massage roller is an important accessory to the massage table. Some models of massage tables and couches are equipped with built-in movable headrests that allow you to gently but reliably fix the patient's head during the procedure. If the table consists of several sections, you can position them at an angle to each other, create support for the legs, give the body the desired position.

If the table or couch has the simplest design, you can expand their capabilities with the help of massage rollers of different configurations. These products make the massage procedure more comfortable for the patient and help to conduct it correctly. Rollers for the massage table can:

  • use in places of natural body deflection, put under the lower back, neck, knee joints to provide optimal emphasis, relax muscles, normalize blood flow and make massage therapist more effective;
  • place under the head of a patient lying on his back instead of a flat pillow to slightly raise it and avoid dizziness;
  • use during the massage of hands and feet to fix them in an elevated position, so that the patient does not have to strain while holding the limb in weight, and the masseur gets access to it from all sides;
  • move during the massage session, giving the patient the desired position and providing access to the area that should be worked out at this stage. (In three-section models, a similar effect is achieved by adjusting the position of the sections).

In addition to accessories for massage tables, there are massage rollers (cylinders, rollers, scooters), which themselves serve as massagers. They are usually used for self-massage, they allow you to deeply work out soft tissues, activate blood circulation and lymph flow. Models with a raised surface additionally provide stimulation of reflex points.

Varieties of massage rollers

Массажный валикMassage rollers are very diverse, they are classified according to various criteria:

  • by appointment - massage rollers for the back, legs, feet, face. In a separate group, sports cylinders for myofasseal massage can be distinguished;
  • in terms of stiffness - soft, medium hard and hard. The first are intended for initial sessions, patients with muscular dystrophy, spasms and clamps. The second ones are optimal for therapeutic, relaxing massage, the third - for deep local study of muscles;
  • depending on the relief - smooth, with a rough surface, tuberous, needle-shaped. Needle-shaped provide a deep study of pain points;
  • depending on the material (filler) - from natural wood, stone, rubber, silicone, plastic, foam rollers made of foamed polymers.

The rollers for massage on a special table (couch) are usually covered with artificial leather, and before starting the procedure, for reasons of hygiene and for a more pleasant tactile sensation, replaceable fabric covers are worn on them. Such rollers differ in the degree of rigidity of the elastic filler, size and cross section. The choice of the shape of the massage roller for a specific stage of massage is determined by the impact zone, the position of the patient's body, and features of its complexion:

  • round (cylindrical) are placed under the neck, knees during massage of the abdomen;
  • narrow, in the form of a truncated cylinder, - under the lower legs of a person lying on his stomach with a back massage;
  • semicircular, depending on the length and diameter, are placed under various parts of the body to create emphasis;
  • triangular and pentagonal (house) - under the knees of a person lying on his back, triangular are also convenient for massage in the supine position
  • short, cross-section resembling a dombra, are used in children's massage and in the massage of thin people.

Buy a massage roller in Kyiv and Ukraine

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