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Radiology, medical

A device for reading x-rays - a negatoscope - greatly simplifies the work of a diagnostic physician and improves the accuracy of interpretation of an x-ray. A negatoscope is a parallelepiped made of a metal profile or durable plastic with a frontal plane (screen) of opaque white acrylic glass or plexiglass.

The most important elements of the device are LED backlighting with an adjustment module, applied to the viewing screen of the LGP matrix for diffusing light and a diffuser for reflecting it. The negatoscope is also equipped with clamps for pictures, a power cord, legs or wheels, and fasteners for fixing on vertical surfaces.

The use of a negatoscope

An X-ray film with photographs is attached to the viewing glass of the negatoscope using clip-rollers. Even illumination with adjustable brightness allows you to consider the smallest details, to recognize shades of gray, which correspond to different density of fabrics. This is much more effective than studying a picture near a window or bringing it to an electric lighting device, because the light is brighter, more intense, continuous and uniform, without flicker. When using a negatoscope, the probability of making an accurate diagnosis increases.

НегатоскопThe device is suitable for decoding images obtained by methods of radiography, fluoroscopy, fluorography, mammography, MRI, ultrasound. Negatoscopes are in demand in various branches of medicine, where imaging diagnostics are used and pictures of internal organs are taken:

  • traumatology and arthrology - the identification of not only dislocations and fractures, but also foci of osteoporosis and osteomyelitis, bone deformities with arthrosis, vertebral deformities and a decrease in the intervertebral spaces;
  • dentistry - the study of root canals, features of the location of the tooth, dentin condition, identification of granulomas and cystic formations;
  • oncology - detection of neoplasms and metastases;
  • neurology, neurosurgery - the detection of hematomas in the medulla;
  • gynecology - the study of patency of the fallopian tubes;
  • endocrinology - the study of the structure of the endocrine glands, the identification of dimensional changes;
  • therapy - the identification of foci of inflammation in the internal organs.

Varieties of negatoscopes

Negatoscopes are used not only in medical diagnostics, but also in industry, in non-destructive testing systems. But for medical needs, devices with higher optical density, light brightness and uniformity of its distribution on the screen are required.

There are such models of medical negatoscopes:

  • single-frame and multi-frame (allow you to study 2, 3 or 4 pictures);
  • with different sizes of the viewing field that correspond to different image formats;
  • stationary and mobile (on wheels);
  • desktop or for mounting on a vertical surface;
  • LED (most modern), luminescent, fluorescent;
  • with aperture function - shutters that allow you to focus on a single fragment of the picture. This function is required to decrypt mammograms;
  • with a diffuser for the most even distribution of light on the screen;
  • with a brightness adjustment module, which in different models can be stepped or smooth and applied to the entire screen or its individual sections.

Single-frame negatoscopes are cheaper and most often used in clinics. In a specialized institution specializing in the treatment of certain diseases, it is better to buy a multi-frame negatoscope, which allows you to track the dynamics of the disease by comparing images. Important characteristics of negatoscopes also include the brightness of the backlight, the uniformity of the glow and its color temperature. The higher the brightness of the glow, the more informative the analysis, although it is more convenient to adapt the brightness of the backlight to the features of a particular picture. A uniform glow reduces the load on the eyes of the diagnostician and increases the accuracy of the interpretation. Distinguish the subtlest gradations of gray allows white light with a slight shift to the blue region of the spectrum.

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