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Recirculator bactericidal Aereks Standard 2*8
Recirculator bactericidal Aereks Standard 2*8
Product Code: Aereks-standard 2x8 Zavet

Recirculator bactericidal Aereks Standard 2*8

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The main differences between the EURO version and the ordinary version:

  1. Availability of European CE Certificate
  2. Modified construction.
  3. All components are certified
  4. Improved packaging

Recirculator bactericidal medical Aerex Standard 8 is intended for decontamination (quartz treatment) indoor air from viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi and other microorganisms by forced air circulation through the zone of irradiation germicidal lamps. Recyclers are effective anti-epidemic and prophylactic. This equipment is operated the presence and in the absence of people, animals and plants.

Recirculator bactericidal medical Aerex-standard 8 recommended for categories II, III, IV, V, and for I category accommodation, combined with bactericidal irradiators open type.

Recommended for use in such categories of rooms:

  1. Surgical, preoperative, maternity, sterile zone
  2. Dressing, sterilization room, chamber, office immunolabeling patients, wards intensive care units, stations of blood transfusion, pharmaceutical plant
  3. Chamber offices
  4. Children's playrooms, school classes, military units, torhiv halls supermarkets and convenience stores, offices, banks and near jobs, apartments, prison and public offices, public places including train stations and airports
  5. Smoking rooms, public spaces, staircases, industry

Recyclers are performed:

  • standard, for installation in the electrical system
  • waterproof
  • shakeproof
  • with cord and plug, wall and ceiling of performance
  • on the mobile rack
  • with timer and programmer
  • with Wi-Fi control

Application in the transport sector

Recyclers in vibration-proof construction can be used on railway transport, land transport, metro. These recyclers are equipped with a built-in power supply DC.

Country of originUkraine
UV sourceozone free bactericidal lamp
Lamp power, W8
The number of bactericidal lamps, pcs2
Effective lamp life, not less than, h9000
UV radiation power, W5,97
The wavelength of the dominant radiation, nm253,7 nm
Productivity, m3 / h105
Power, W50
Voltage, in standard wall version, V~220+-10%
The voltage in the vibration resistance performance-12В; -24В; -110В
Scope of usemedical institutions, trade, office and educational premises, food industry, houses, apartments, Fast-food, and vehicles. etc.
Type of installationStationary
Installation methodWall / Ceiling
It is completed with a cordNo
Production material
Body materialMetal
Recommended disinfection area of premises at N = 3m, m2
I category *5
II, III categories25
IV, V categories50
Note* for category I use alternately with an open feed!
Length, mm655
Width, mm120
Height, mm120
Gross weight, kg2,4