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Bactericidal recirculator Aereks-standart 2x15
Bactericidal recirculator Aereks-standart 2x15
Product Code: Aereks-standart 2x15 Zavet

Bactericidal recirculator Aereks-standart 2x15

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The main differences between the EURO version and the ordinary version:

  1. Availability of European CE Certificate
  2. Modified construction.
  3. All components are certified
  4. Improved packaging

The compact size of the recirculator Aereks-standard 15 allows its use in small premises of health facilities, food manufactures, hairdressers, sport facilities, children’s, educational and large living spaces. Recirculator is intended for air disinfection from viral microorganisms in the presence of people. Fan mounted within the housing moves air through the inner chamber of the recirculator, where it is cleaned with ultraviolet radiation lamp of low pressure with a wave spectrum 253,7nm. Corpus of recirculator is made of metal and painted with white powder paint.

Power consumption, VA, - no more than 100

Overall dimensions, mm: (l*d*h) - 655*120*120