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Tank for processing of the radiograph BR-1
Tank for processing of the radiograph BR-1
Tank for processing of the radiograph BR-1
Tank for processing of the radiograph BR-1
Product Code: BR-1 Zavet

Tank for processing of the radiograph BR-1

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Tank BR-1 (thermostat and flushing tank) are intended for photochemical processing of radiographs.

The set of tanks consists of a thermostat and a rinsing tank. The thermostat is equipped with three tanks made of chemically resistant material (vinyl plastic) and designed for development, intermediate rinsing, and X-ray recording.

The thermostat cover is made of stainless steel. The lid has slots for the cisterns. The tanks are closed with stainless steel lids, which reliably protect the film from exposure to light. 

A digital thermometer is used as a sensor, which allows you to set the desired temperature, which is automatically maintained with an accuracy of ± 2 ° C using a thermostat, the executive part of which is mounted in the control unit. The thermostat is designed for a voltage of 220V.

Structurally, the thermostat is made in the form of a tank made of stainless steel.

The rinsing tank and lid are made of stainless steel, and the base is made of tubular and angle profiles. Water for washing the films is supplied through a sprinkler, washing the film from both sides. The water level in the tank is maintained 20 mm above the upper edge of the film. The thermostat and rinsing tank are connected to the water supply using standard fittings.

Overall dimensions, BR-1, mm: - 755х545х860