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Medical beds

No medical facility of any level can do without different types of beds. The beds are so different that you can list their functional purpose for a very long time. The importance of quality and comfortable beds for medical facilities is extremely difficult to exaggerate. The patient’s comfort and even the speed of his recovery or recovery directly depend on their quality and convenience. However, beds are used not only for patients of medical institutions. There are also special beds for newborns, children's beds, their value is also very high.

Here you will find various beds.

In general, the assortment of our online store includes many different beds. We can find a large number of children's functional beds, there is also a bed for inpatients, an auxiliary bed for childbirth, a functional bed with three or four sections, an obstetric bed, a trauma bed, as well as a bed for mentally ill patients. Our online store supplies extremely convenient products in which patients are really comfortable, where they can recover as quickly as possible.

Large selection of beds in our store

A wide range of our online store presents many children's functional beds. One of them is a multifunctional children's bed "Alice". It is designed to accommodate newborn children in it, most often this bed is used in maternity hospitals and medical institutions of various types. The design of this crib includes a plastic bath with a metal frame, which is mounted on four wheels. In addition, we can buy a multifunctional bed for children under five years of age, this bed is designed for children with any disease, as well as a bed for children under one year of age who suffer from cardiovascular, neurovascular diseases or have some kind of injuries.

For patients who undergo treatment after serious injuries, a trauma bed is well suited, which you can also buy through our online store. Using this bed, you can give the patient a certain position in the rehabilitation or postoperative periods. At this bed, all sections are adjustable, so that it is possible to tilt certain sections or the stretching procedure. The bed set may also include a mattress, an infusion stand and a special device for raising the patient.

Chair obstetric bed

It is intended to accommodate women in labor who are in a state of the second or third birth period or immediately after birth. The main task is to give the most comfortable position for the woman's body. The bed presented in our catalog copes with this task completely.

We sell not only the above, but also many other medical beds for different tasks. All of them are comfortable, made of high quality material and will be able to serve the medical institution for a long time.